Zero Emission Day: When the World Stops to Take a Breath!

It is no secret that the world is burning up. Literally. July 2017 was recorded as the 2nd warmest month in the history of the world, since 1880. Global warming has the earth curling up its toes and one of prime reasons for this rapid change are the greenhouse gas emissions. Tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and fluorinated gases, are released into the atmosphere every day, due to the day-to-day activities of the global population. Excessive use of electricity, fossil fuel emissions, improper treatment before disposal of industrial effluents, etc. are all responsible for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The rising temperature of the planet, increase in sea level, change in weather patterns, and more has led to an unprecedented increase in natural disasters, all across the world. One of the reasons why hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which left a wake of destruction in Texas and Florida, were identified to be larger in magnitude than usual, was climate change. And it doesn’t stop here. NASA’s Earth observatory has predicted that global warming will be a huge catalyst in speeding future catastrophes as well! The Birth of Zero Emission Day To counter the impact of climate change on the world, an ingenious concept was introduced by Ken Wallace of Nova Scotia, … Continue reading Zero Emission Day: When the World Stops to Take a Breath!

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