Highlights of the Kuwait HVAC&R Conference 2017

It was a great pleasure for CEC to be a part of the Kuwait HVAC&R Conference on 8th-9th November, 2107. The convention was an excellent forum to understand the challenges for sustainable building design through reduction of power consumption and discuss the methodologies to overcome them successfully. The central focus of the conference was the role of HVAC system efficiency in sustainable architecture and the need for effective measures by MEP design services to boost the same. Kuwait has steadily risen to have the highest per capita consumption in the world, which is nearly twenty times that of a regular consumer. There are several factors responsible for this excessive use of electricity, including massive energy subsidies and extensive fuel reserves. Coming to the power-consumer spectrum, the residential sector is found to be the biggest consumer of energy in terms of electricity, with 74% of the total share. Inspecting further, the cooling and ventilation application is responsible for 79% of this sector. It can be thus seen that HVAC systems have a direct impact on the total energy consumed by the country and hence, concrete efforts need to be made to increase their efficiency. This need is based on the recent Paris agreement for climate control made by a majority of the nations in the world, which aims to curb the … Continue reading Highlights of the Kuwait HVAC&R Conference 2017

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