5 New Trends in Commercial Buildings in Dubai

Dubai is a city widely known for its combination of business and luxury, renowned across the world as a paradise for tourists. In the past years, Dubai has transformed its skyline with inspired and creative architecture. There has always been a constant development and change in the architecture and design of commercial buildings.

The development in the fields of interior designing and architecture is continuously influenced by conflicting trends. At times, building everything to be more exceptional and extraordinary than ever before is the norm; at others the trend is to build everything as fast as possible, which needs standard methods and materials to be used.

In the current scenario, commercial interior designers and MEP consultants are aware of the fact that commercial building interiors in Dubai need to be distinct and creative. They are also expected to be efficient, elegant, and extremely cost-effective. The interior spaces need to be designed such that the clients and customers would feel welcome, which is why interior designing and architecture of commercial buildings is considered a tricky affair.

Some of the recent trends in interior designing in the commercial sector in Dubai include:

1. Keeping it Open and Breezy

Open spaces have become very popular in recent times as they provide the employees with an option to either get away from unwanted distractions or work together. Open space designing mainly includes having circular workstations with cubicles separated with transparent panels or no panels altogether. Such open spaces provide the opportunity of increased interaction and constant communication.

2. Home is Where the Heart is

In the modern era, a majority of the people tend to spend more time of the day in their workplaces rather in their homes. No wonder workplaces and offices are often called second homes! Commercial building designs are preferred to have a workplace such that the employees would be extremely comfortable with it. Therefore, designers give the workplaces a homey look by adding kitchen spaces and sleeping pods. Soft furniture like sofas and beanbags are also typically used nowadays.

3. The Smart Office Look

The whole Smart Office ideology is about having a technologically integrated workspace. Smart office looks mainly comprise of tech desks which enables the employee to choose what to work on, from his usual mobile phone and desktop, except that it all is connected so that whatever is desired can be accessed at any point.

4. Dark Shades, Deep Thoughts

Deep toning designs in Dubai come with the use of charcoal and greys tinged with nature’s favorite color, which is green. Sometimes they are also combined with ivory, taupe, and stone. Deep tones give the interiors a classy look just like the inherent beauty of nature.

5. Geometric Patterns:

The most common 21st-century designs include the use of geometrical designs in workplaces. Geometric patterns tend to add a uniqueness and make a statement for themselves. These patterns are used on everything from walls and carpets to floor tiles.

Commercial building architecture has received a boost recently in Dubai, after the successful completion of Radisson Blu Residence, the Dusit Residence-Dubai Marina, and the World Trade Centre Residence. MEP design consultants in Dubai are an integral part of the commercial building design process and contribute to successfully implementing the beautiful design which architects come up with.

Modern trends in commercial architecture are now taking a sustainable route, with green building design gaining prominence in the materials used for construction. Future trends in commercial interior design are further expected to implement green design architecture to build a sustainable environment.

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