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Director’s desk
Dear Friends,

The CEC journey began in 2007 with ‘Consistency’ as the ‘keyword’ defining us and I am proud to acknowledge that we have come a long way strictly adhering to the same. I take this opportunity to applaud the hard work and dedication of my team while upholding, as well as, adding meaningfully to the CEC philosophies. I am excited to march ahead, along with my colleagues and valued customers, paving the path for sustainable development of the building sector, which is not only performing to appreciate our country but also serving to conserve our planet for universal well-being.

Evolution of CEC was borne of the strong ideology of ethics where “Customer is the ultimate focus”. It would not be wrong to say that customer satisfaction plays a key role in the overall disposition of our company.

It gives me immense pleasure to concede that our versatile team has aligned itself perfectly to the fundamental paradigms of ‘Quality and Commitment’ in its operations over the years. The team has been instrumental in ensuring updated and timely solutions every time. Colossal proportions of unified efforts alone have initiated the running-start of engineering design services, based in Dubai, within a relatively short span of time. CEC has witnessed a steady growth in the recent years with a variety of projects in GCC, India and African continents in the specialized area of engineering services.

Since its genesis, CEC has been burgeoning in the related sectors to surmount all the obstacles and create a niche interest for itself. With the sound support of its loyal associates, the company intends to diversify towards work areas like infrastructure, marine and petroleum. CEC embraces technology-driven transformations to hoist new dynamics in the service industry.

CEC strives to its best capabilities to maintain trust and accountability with regards to its clients, stakeholders and associates. Being able to make a positive difference in the ecological perspective and meeting toughest targets with smiling faces, CEC is committed to deliver a satisfying experience for years to come.

Sagar Kulkarni
Managing Director
Sagar Kulkarni,Building Services engineering,CEC Consultants