About CEC Engineering,Renewable energy companies in Dubai
About Us
Our Philosophy
Our objective is to deliver state-of-the-art engineering design solutions to optimize buildings, and thereby assist in sophistication of life without disturbing the ecosystem in which we live.

Our mission to excel in every probability with hard work, dedication and consistency is deeply ingrained in the essence of our values where we are our own critics. We are policy-bound to strive and improve at each milestone, bestowing a new meaning to the global struggle for the benefit of life on the planet.

CEC performs to provide able alternatives to the traditional practices taking into consideration the changing face of earth induced by our modern and technology-rich lifestyles. CEC has triumphed in a multitude of engineering dilemmas, retaining innovative design as the focus while providing unique solutions. ‘Consistency’ remains an important characteristic in each of our service areas, be it timely delivery, budget or reliability as a standard practice right from the inception. Our MEP Design Consultancy services have reached a standard where they are being considered as the reference point for related ventures. With an exceptional track record of success as global participants of the service industry, we make sure that we adhere closely to the regulations and codes put forth by the host country.

Design comes first in our list when it comes to engineering solutions; working towards sustenance and betterment as well. To complement the changing paradigms of living, our integrated building services promote feasible solutions in terms of comfort, operational efficiency and environmental conservation. Our comprehensive and thorough approach towards design makes us look into minute intricacies from issues associated with well-being of the incumbent or the detailed specifications of the mechanical components used to the effects of environmental compliance. Our building strategies are based on scientific understanding, experience and the latest modeling techniques while creating useful spaces and manageable surroundings. It is a standard norm at CEC to to provide out-of-the-box answers which optimize any given situation through careful questioning and investigation.

With detailed planning, strong focus on designing and a dash of our engineering magic, we successfully lead in providing aptly functional structures that are low on energy consumption and reasonable in budget.